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12-23-2005, 12:02 PM
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What is the severity of your tear? Mine was 75% and my Orthopedic Surgeon would not correct it with surgery. I was told that an mcl will close it's tear with scar tissue, given it's not a complete tear. However, to strengthen my knee i was in PT for several months to strengthen my quad. This will help to stabilize the knee but is not a permanent fix. See your physician and see if you can get a referral to an orthopedist. They will probably need an mri to determine the severity of your tear. Good luck, but if there's a silver lining to it your legs will get stronger with exercise and you'll be able to tell when it's going to rain about a day or two before anyone else.
BTW... Ice is the best for the pain. 30 minutes at a time or as long as you can stand it. I was addicted to the ice and loved not feeling the pain for a few hours after!

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