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01-12-2012, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by californiacapsfan View Post
Well the conversation suggested that TVo likes to play the puck and is goo at it but was told not to. Probably because of the team's long standing propensity to allow odd-man breaks. DON'T LEAVE THE CREASE!! Didn't Theodore say he'd never seen a team give up so many chances?
Now that's priceless

There is a little bit of truth behind all jokes. That may be full truth.

We allowed our fair share of odd mans but not horribly as I recall. More a lot of scrambling around staying in our zones I guess. A center back instead of the LD happened a lot. The directive may have had something to do with it usually being Sarge and Green in front of him.

Not sure how its exactly related to playing the puck but if he had a decent twig, he should have thrown some hail mary's up to Ovi

Theo could easily say that to make his horrible numbers look better.

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