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01-12-2012, 03:46 PM
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I might be in the minority, but I actually think Wolski being in the lineup tonight is a great thing.

A) The Senators target him and take stupid penalties (thus eliminating their star offensive players from wreaking havoc in this one game), and risk suspensions if they actually injure Wolski (damaging their long-term chances this season) or,

B) Wolski knows he is on a very short leash and despite that is being given a top-6 opportunity on a first-place NHL club and HAS to produce and as such will come out with the one thing that people have been saying he is lacking (effort/heart) and be a legit offensive weapon in the top-6 for at least the end of the year or,

C) Wolski proves he can still play an effective scoring role and can get traded at higher value to another club for a player more befitting of the Rangers or,

D) Wolski comes out and proves he can no longer replicate his 50-60 point days and the Rangers know that he is essentially worthless cap and know that going forward they need to find a replacement in the top-6 after the season.

I don't really see any negatives, with Dubinsky nursing an injury, it's one game against a hot team, but not one that's in immediate striking distance, a good measuring stick game for Wolski, and a game the Rangers can afford to lose (more-so than the Boston game, for example), to see exactly what the "New and improved" version of Wolski will look like on this team. If he sucks it up and gets burned all game and the Rangers lose, they cut bait, if he tears it up, the Rangers have a new weapon to add to an already dangerous team without needing to make a trade. It's really a win-win right now.

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