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01-12-2012, 05:14 PM
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i'm still developing an opinion on them. my first experience with these was with the ribbed wrapped grip and was very disappointed with how thick the grip was. i immediately ditched it ad was disappointed i wasted 8 bucks.

a few years later, i changed the from using "ribs" in my grips to going non-ribbed and using cohesive gauze tape. absolutely love the stuff, but like ponder says, you have to replace it pretty often which can be a pain.

then i noticed the newer tacki-mac sand grips and was told from a rep directly that this was the thinnest grip in their lineup. picked a 7" up a few weeks ago, and again, like ponder i had to chop down the butt-end a bit as i also prefer it at roughly 1/4".

with my past experience installing bicycle grips using hairspray, it wasn't too difficult to install using the same method. didn't want to use the included tape as i wanted to try to avoid adding any girth to the grip at all costs. still feels a just a touch thicker than i'm used to, but nothing noticeable while playing. not as grippy as the cohesive gauze tape i've grown accustomed to, but again, acceptable.
i think i just need more time to get used to it and all will be fine. looks like it'll be well worth it if it's true that it's easier on the palms and the fact that it'll probably outlast the life of the stick.

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