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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
You keep bringing up Huet. The guy had more than 20 wins and four shutouts during that season. He obviously was not THE reason the team won in 2010, but you can't act like he was some kind of detriment. You say his cap space could have gone elsewhere and they would have been better. But how can you be better than winning the Cup? I know this argument is always dismissed, but you take that $5 mil and spread it out and get new players, they may not make the Cup finals, let alone win it. You win the Cup, you can't do better. I say this all the time and everyone hates when I say it, but the goal of hockey is to win the Cup, not have the best contracts. You win the Cup, there is nothing more. End of story.
How many games did Huet win in those playoffs compared to Niemi?

Huet's money could have just gone to a cheaper option and then they could have gotten more depth for their skaters, which in terms of team construction would be a wiser choice. Sure, hindsight makes it easy to say "it didn't matter" but at the time that would have been the smarter and safer use of those resources.

Huet was 26-14 (2.50, .895%) in his starts, and Niemi was 26-7 (2.25, .912%). Which goalie was better for their team? The one with the expensive cap hit, or the cheaper one who won a higher percentage of games and put up better stats? Huet was a crappy use of cap space, which is why Chicago hauled him off to Europe as soon as they possibly could.

I keep bringing up Huet because right now, that's the best comparison for Bryz; expensive goalie who's not playing well and is getting shown up by his young backup. I'm certainly not the first or only person to spy the similarities.

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