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11-07-2003, 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Teezax
JOni is the clamest and smoothest defenceman i have ever seen, this kid is definitely going to be the real deal. Everygame he gets praised by the play by play guys in other cities.
Indeed, every game I've tuned into, even the Florida game, the announcers have been praising Joni. And that move he made in the third period, just skating past the d-man (who looked like he had no idea Joni was moving that fast) was great. Definitely looks like the best Flyers rookie in quite some time.

I only caught the third period (beer brewing called before that!), but it was nice to tune in and see the Flyers already up 3-0. The Caps looked awful, though, even when they turned it up a bit in the third period. And Jagr was invisible, even with the godawful announcers (their color commentary guy has the most annoying voice I may have ever heard from a broadcaster) trying to point him out. "Here comes Jagr...and he loses the puck." Still, Esche had some nice stops, and the D held for the most part. Now, the Flyers just need to keep this up. They need to remember what two little points, heck, one little point, cost them last year!

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