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01-12-2012, 05:28 PM
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Why not learn from the best, people who actually have or had some of the best skating:

From reading Pavel Bure's (for example) books, interviews, videos I think there is something to learn from players like him. He came to NA with good to great skating and worked on it further with his skating coach. Some of the keypoints I remember is him putting an emphasis on core muscles, and how a strong core will let you balance better = better technique. Is it possible to have a "good" technique with a weak core, weak leg muscles? It's definately harder.

Another one is Sprints. He used to just go outside and do a set of 10+ sprints every minute. Activating his fast-twitch fibers. I know we are talking about technique, but if your goal is to achieve top speed in 3-4 strides, technique is only part of the answer. So we can ask ourselves, are we doing ANY SPRINTS at all? Ever?

Just some food for thought when trying to become a faster, more efficient skater. Technique is important, but you have to have a good base to build it on.

I bet if you were to put an out of shape ex-NHLer, yes his technique will still be good, but his balance will be 'meh' and on the first cross over he'll get all wably. You see what I'm saying?

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