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11-07-2003, 04:26 AM
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You make MY point for me.

The reason nobody has rebuilt in the last 10 years is BECAUSE of Expansion. They were getting all the high picks not the bad teams.

Take a look at Florida. Who has been horrible since their cup run. They have added a bunch of great prospects that will gem here in about 2 years.

Ottawa is a perfect example of a team that has re-built recently and they are one of the strongest teams in the NHL. Maybe even ready for a Cup this year.

To be a good team in the NHL you have to be bad for a while. Not barely missing the playoffs bad but top 5 pick bad. Pretty much every cup winning team has done it at some point. The teams right in the Middle all the time like St Louis and Washington are doomed to in the Middle all the time.

If you are happy with the maybe playoffs every year but no shot at a Cup then I can see you saying do not re-build. If you want the Caps to win the Cup you are going to have to watch them be one of the worst teams for a few years. It is the only way to build a long cup running team like Colorado, New Jersey, and Detroit have right now. The only way.

It is why the Caps have never had a true 1st line center. Which is one of the most important things in making a cup run. Oates was close but not really. Either way it took a high draft pick in Allison to get him.

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