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Originally Posted by Runningreb View Post
Life is a four way intersection and everyone who stands on a corner and sees a car accident will see it from different views and angles. Every single one of them will say that they saw it correctly and anyone who disagrees with them is wrong.

I have been lurking on this site for almost 3 years, the usually hockey site I was a poster shut down because the owners ran "other" stuff as well. We had a good community there and a few of us are considering starting it up as an invite only site where you can not even read the board unless you are a member.

My statement is a blanket statement about all 30 fan bases on this site. One reason i was hesitant to register here and start posting is, that on any given day, all 30 fan bases are whinning little children that feel as though the entire internet is against them.

Ask any leaf fan how it is when they post something good about their team, 29 fans bases attack. When Oiler fans defend the fact they are not tanking but losing because 5 of their top 8 players are injured--they are attacked. Ask any fan of the southern expansion teams when they suggest that hockey is working down xouth, Canadians on mass attack.

edit - and having been a major fan for the first 20 years you can't believe people expectations today. We ***** about our 8th D man and our 4th line back up wingers.

I look at the statement "It is tough being a canuck fan on the internet" and think of the four corners of an intersection and think that the car crash the canuck fan saw is seen from a different perspective then the four other eye witnesses to the crash.

Seems to me ALL fan bases scream the cry of innocents and NOT ONE fan base will take the blame when the mods on this site spend hours cleaning up discussion that turned into the third world war. "IT wasn't us, it was the other guys who started it". Is said nearly everytime a clean up occurs.

My only comment is this (and then feal free to attack me) the vancouver fans are just as bad as other fans when it comes to picking fights and are just as quick to say "we did nothing". There are some very good posters on this board and there are some posters on this board who view it as their job to troll other fans into fights. This can be said about all boards on this site. There are good posters and their are bad poster and it is tough to a fan of any team on this site.

When a team is winning they are ridicules and when a team is losing they are laughed at.

With that I have not other comment because experience has tought me never argue with the blind when they say they can see.
People like you should be banned from this board. You are clearly way to intelligent and reasonable for this site.

In terms of intelligence, most people are just north of 100 IQ. There is a big clump of people between 100 and 110. That accounts for the majority of the population. Those above and below account for a much smaller portion of the population.

For those of us up in the mid 200's it a major challenge

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