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12-23-2005, 02:59 PM
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I'm glad that hockey has taken off in a market that it's probley not supposed to be taking off in. I'm glad that ice is poping up all over the place and kids are getting into hockey big-time down there. Up in Canada, more and more kids are dropping out of hockey from what I have heard. It's good that it is picking up in other places. The Stars have definetly helped this process a lot.

On Texas itself, if I had to live anywhere else in the world, I would choose Texas. Dallas preferably. But Texas is like Alberta in someways. Lots of oil and a great love for sports. Your High School football is unbelivable down there. Towns shut-down and people all go to watch the game. You don't find anything like that so much up here in Canada. Not to my knowledge anyways. Texas just seems like a place I would like to live because it would remind of home, with hotter weather though.

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