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01-12-2012, 08:04 PM
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Moneyball - 8/10 by michael lewis

Solid read, kept me interested from front to back. Baseball fan or not I think this is worth picking up.

I love reading about things like this, where the author gives you an insiders perspective to what's going on within (whatever that may be, a baseball organization in this case). It's kinda of a 'man against the world' book. Billy Beane the general manager of the oakland a's baseball club has been given a pathetic payroll to work with and is obviously expected to field a winning team. Against the grain of conventional baseball operations (throwing heaps of money at perceived superstars) beane and his staff attempt to build a baseball team around their unique statistical analysis of players, which allows them to find out what players are truly over and undervalued allowing him to build winning teams on a budget.

Reading really makes me wish I could've been aware of what billy beane was doing so I could watch the A's on the field to see the results.

It's the second book I've read by michael lewis, I really like how he writes. The big short was also a great read (I recommend this as well as moneyball), can't wait to read his latest book boomerang.

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