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Originally Posted by EndBoards
Why people hate the Stars:
1) Texas is seen as a non-traditional market, people think hockey doesn't belong there. Although now Texas has more pro-hockey teams than any other US state or Canadian province.

2) Elitist fans from the north assume that Texas fans are a bunch of beer-gut NASCAR fans just watching for the fights.

3) Success

4) We played a defense-first trapping system for a pretty long time.

5) Salaries - Opposing fans hated the teams that spent big before the cap

A hated rival. But very, very well respected. EDM vs. DAL is as good as playoff hockey gets. I just wish some of those series would've been conference finals.. That would've been epic..

The '99 Cup:
It was a goal. According to the rules, a player with posession of the puck could do the macarena in the crease before scoring and it would still be 100% legal. Hull gained posession when he received the pass with his skate. He kicked the puck to his stick, then scored. Later on, even Lindy Ruff agreed that it was the right call.

pretty much nailed that on the head for the most part.

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