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12-23-2005, 05:24 PM
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As a Stars fan, I guess I'm supposed to hate the Oilers back... but I don't. All those years with those jacked up barns and tough/speedy Oilers teams were intense and fun. By the end of all those series, I wanted the Oilers to play somebody else -- and win. They played hard, had passionate fans, and probably deserved better than what they got (though they did get an upset). If the Oilers were playing anyone else in the first round, I would probably root for them.

Yeah, during all those series that paricular media was pretty whiney and at times very insulting to Texans (all the Canadian media have -- as if Canada is the very model of sophisticated, cosompolitan living in contrast to the inbred hicks who make up Dallas's miniscule 7 million metropolitan population), but part of that I just chalk up to human nature. At least now, payroll won't be the most popular subject of ire.

But, if the Oilers were to play someone else? Yeah, I'd root for them for sure. It's time for them to win something again. They're ready.

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