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01-12-2012, 10:57 PM
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In reality I think it could actually be Roy, Adam and Miller for Getzlaf and Hiller, but for the sake of Anaheim fans, I threw in Ennis. I believe that if this team continues on, they might (MIGHT) keep Ruff, but I think Regier goes, and I think the Sabres new GM might wanna make a splash. A deal like this makes both teams better. Yes, we lose our top 2 centers in Roy and Adam, but we gain a true #1, one of the best in the entire league, probably top-5. We still have a top-5/10 pick to draft a bluechip center prospect, and pieces like Stafford to deal for a reclamation project (Sam Gagner or Derrick Brassard) or even sign a guy like Stoll, Nielsen, Gabrovski, or even Jokinen for a year. If they also traded Gaustad and Boyes for picks they'd be able to draft a considerable amount of young prospects, and possibly walk into next season with a center group of Getzlaf, Gagner/Brassard, Nielsen/Stoll/Grabovski, and Hecht. Also, getting rid of Roy, Stafford, Boyes, Gaustad, and Miller, saves about 20M, along with not having to resign Ennis. This would give us enough room that if we also traded Leopold, we would, at least hypothetically, have room to spend about $6m/yr. on Suter if we could get him to ink a front loaded contract similar to Erhoff's but worth more. This is why the Sabres should trade anyone EXCEPT Vanek, Myers, and Pominville for Getzlaf. He can be the start of building a fantastic team with those other three and our young prospects, like McNabb, Kassian, Armia, Pysyk, Sundher, Foligno, Enroth, etc.

Imagine a roster next season of...

Leino-Gagner(2.5m/yr.)-David Moss(2.0m)
Gerbe-Nielsen (2.5m)-Kassian


Hiller (4.5m)

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