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01-12-2012, 10:04 PM
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Yeah I noticed the broken quotes too. Damn Habs fans...

I don't see why what happened after the year has anything to do with what happened while he was on the team. He played for two years. They made the playoffs both years, won the Cup one year. I am not in anyway saying it was because of him they did this, but he was on the team, he contributed, he earned his pay, and was worth it. What happened after that is irrelevant. He had a big cap hit and there were other priorities. Moving forward, he wasn't working out. That doesn't mean he didn't earn his contract the two years before that. Players get waived all the time. It doesn't mean they aren't or didn't earn their contracts.

Also, the hypothetical isn't ridiculous. I was making as extreme as possible (1 Cup in exchange for 8 crappy years) to prove a point. If it was one Cup + years of competing, which is more likely IMO, it would seem like I wasn't giving you a fair shot to choose something opposite of my position. I think it is clear that we just differ in opinion on this, as has been pointed out before. I've never seen the Flyers win a Cup. I would trade a generation of failure for one Cup instead of a generation of competing for the CUp with no guarantees. That's just me. If they win the Cup this year and have to blow up the team for cap reasons or something else, I won't complain one bit.

Hell look at the Phillies, they won in 2008 and I cannot wait until they start sucking again. 2008 was awesome and going to the WS was one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed, but I enjoyed baseball a lot more when they sucked. Went to more games. Had better baseball discussions with actual fans. Different situation that hockey, but whatever. I'm outta here for the night. I think we can both agree that this argument is heading in the same direction it always does so let's just cut our losses now and end it.

EDIT: When I say a guaranteed Cup I am not saying that Bryz is guaranteed to win a Cup for the Flyers. What I am saying is would you rather win a Cup and suck for 8 years or have 9 years of competitive hockey. That is not a ridiculous hypothetical.

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