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12-23-2005, 07:02 PM
Old Hickory
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Originally Posted by TiesRLikeWins4Us
Should be a good game today. The Oilers are an awesome team.

Startin off the pre-game lets return to history,
1982, the Oilers five goals wasn't even enuff to secure a victory/
You thought that was bad, well tonights gon be worse,
Tell me in previous years where were you when the Avs and Nucks were fightin for first?/
You need Laraque, cuz Hemsky's girly, and needs protection,
Your not on pace for another eighth, but gonna get another early first round exit/
This ain't no Western Canada bullsh-t, this is Kings hockey,
You got guys like Marc-Andre Bergeron just wanna-be Visnovsky's/
Ryan Smyth, and Pronger won't be enuff today,
Perhaps you didn't watch the games against the 'Nucks and Flames/
Mad at L.A. cause we made a name in ya city,
Came into Western Canada, and made the creators of the game look silly/
Everyone wantin me to take these raps back, but I mean what I say,
Cause me takin this back is like Conklin gettin put on Team USA/
We the Kings, we royal, We give a f--k if ya fans are loyal,
Cuz this is just like the war in Iraq, we just here to jack the "Oil"/
We gonna be 3-0 on the 3 game road trip.. Already 4-0 on the pre-game flow sh-t,
You gonna find out why we say it all the time, 'Yo Team Blows d-ck,
Now sing along w/ me y'all its like this, Go Kings Go kid!/