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11-07-2003, 05:55 AM
Bob Bastards
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Originally Posted by Capitano
Hey all,

I was just thinking about how teams can "build" through the draft and eventually have a powerhouse, ie. Ottawa. I definitely think that this is possible BUT there is more to a team than just the draft.

For example, teams like Detroit have been ontop of the league for the past 10 years and have managed to draft guys like Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Hudler. We on the other hand, have been a below average team for the past 10 years and while we do have some "prospects" stockpiled, I think Detroit is way ahead of us.

So here we are. We have some prospects and they have to turn out for us or we'll be rebuilding for another 10 years. I guess what my conclusion is that if you can get a valuable asset for a prospect, you do it. Honestly, how long will it take for all of our prospects to turn out? At LEAST another 3-5 years. I can wait, but I think it's a losing cycle.

The problem is that Detroit have veterant like Yzerman and Federov (until last year) to teach the young forward how to play. They have Lindstrom and Cheelios to teach the prospect in defense. And never forget the Scotty Bowman effect also.
The problem in Montreal is not the lack of NHL ready prospect, is the veterant on the team that are npt able to show them properly what it take to win at this level, cause not a single one of them know how...
Your team always need veterant, but you need the good sort of.

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