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01-13-2012, 02:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Jeff VanVonderen View Post
I can understand hoping that the refs had your back, but I mean can any of us expect that, especially after the finals? I know I don't feel confident in that when I watch the games.

I'm not even in the camp that wants Gillis to go out and get a goon, and I'm not even that worried about him picking up some toughs that can play. I'd be perfectly happy just seeing the Canucks players go to the wall for each other to the nth degree, even if they might take an extra penalty and maybe even the losing end of a dust up.

I don't think the two of us are going to end up on the same page here, but I think we both see, and can at least respect the others' stance. Agree to disagree, it looks like. That's good enough for me.

High five!
Hey...I like the idea of sticking up for each other I just think its counter productive for this team in a lot of circumstances. If its Thornton on Burrows, I don't mind the team swarming. But I just don't see a real upside to the Sedins trying to go after Marchand after he submarines Salo, and they know he's getting a penalty...especially with Chara standing there...but that's just me. As you say, we can agree to disagree

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