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Originally Posted by 76ftw View Post
If we trade Subban riots imo
well Subban and Pacioretty basically are callin out watch for a trade ,because we won't be getting Tougher!Wiz said the same thing(good team but need more toughness) last year and wasn't resigned....Not an offer.

This is what really irks me , YOU KNOW the players want a tougher team,one that can bash and stand up, but the GM lets them keep takin the beats time and time again ....Gauthier said he got Kaberle to fix the PP ,cause players we're skating to bench with heads down...What about getting beat and bashed around? does he take enjoyment watching that??

Max Pacioretty, who had his season ended last year by a shove from Zdeno Chara, said when asked if he finds the B’s to be dirty. “To some extent, I wish we played a little more like them. Maybe not as much as they do, but they’re definitely an intimidating team to play against.

Said Subban of the B’s: “They’re in your face, you know what I mean? They’ve had a lot of success over the year. They’re Stanley Cup champions, and they’re playing some good hockey this year. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing something right. Whenever you play them, you know they’re going to be in your face, they’re going to finish their checks and they’re going to work hard.

“They’ve got some tough guys on that team. Some real tough guys. They play the game hard. Our team, we’re not built to kind of brawl it out every night. We’re going to stick up for each other as a unit as a group.”

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