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01-13-2012, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I still don't get this. What part of the pronoun "we" don't people understand? "WE are playing like losers" ... isn't that what we're all dwelling on here? Are there particular jabs at specific players that I'm missing here? I'm still in the information gathering stages here.
During the interview, he did on occasion say, WE, but he also said that he has been better than ever, and would continue to prepare the way he does....

The interview was a shot at the coach and his teammates, even though he seemed to somewhat include himself. The good teammates and leaders start with themselves, and say " I have to play better, and we as a team have to play better "

There have always been selfish connotations about Cammy, but the guy is a sniper, and when producing at least he has always been able to back it up. When he is not scoring, he is doing ZERO for the team, and he is way too small for 5 on 5 play and to be making 6.0M bucks...he is frustrated and so are his team mates, but you don't go public with that stuff, you do it in a players only meeting, with the coach or the GM....he is an offensively good player, but that's it, and seems to have been suling ever since Gio got the C...I am glad he is gone....

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