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01-13-2012, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
To all the people whining about Cammy's playoff production and how will we ever replace it, the way Cammy was playing we wouldn't have even made the playoffs this year or next.

The guy is a glory hog who only shows up in the playoffs and he had little to no effort most shifts all year long. Somebody needs to fax Cammy the memo, you need to actually make the playoffs through working hard before you can perform in them.

I understand he was frustrated and all but I have to agree when people say he was among the biggest or the biggest loser on the team. The reason I say it is the effort. I'm a huge Kostitsyn fan and have defended him for years. I understand he sometimes doesn't give a full effort (more-so 2+ years ago) but even that is blown out of proportion. I find it funny that Kosty who gives an honest effort most every night now a days and who also wasn't nearly as bad as people made him out to be previously still gets flack but guys like Cammy can do basically the exact thing those haters don't like, give 0 effort for like an entire season, and somehow those people only connected the dots once the media started saying stuff about him.

It's laughable how some folks form their opinion based purely on word of mouth, anti-chambre and the local pub the night before. Andrei has been a monster for us and even last season was very good in terms of effort. Cammy has on and off given no effort for years, he seems to only show up in the playoffs and even then because of his lackluster efforts this year we likely won't even make them. But only a small minority gave him flack ever and Kostitsyn has been **** on for the last 2 years even since he's become a much more complete player giving an honest effort each night. It's just sad imo.
Even Michel Bergeron is realizing that Kostitsyn ain't that bad after all, now that tells you something

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