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01-13-2012, 08:49 AM
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Craig Button is an idiot

This guy is just drooling over Cammalleri when just a couple of weeks ago he was saying hes terrible, not strong enough to play, etc..
On TH2Nite, Button said Cammy and Iginla chemistry can be rejuvenated and they are very UNDERRATED for there passing. Cammalleri hasn't made one good pass this year. These analysts need to think before they talk instead of just blabbing out random irrelevant information. One thing that's funny though is that they say his a smurf and too small cant play physical when, here hes going out west were its even bigger and tougher.

Also while watching the Habs game during 2nd intermission, Crawford, McKenzie and Ward were saying Cammalleri is having a terrible game and showed his low ice-time. After the game there all saying Cammelleri is an elite sniper, he has a knack for the net and makes players better.

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