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01-13-2012, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Shellz View Post
It's easy to say that now. Penner was a goal scorer. I don't blame Dean for making that trade or even dealing Smyth.
I said it at the time too. No one was more critical of the trade than me at the time and I took a lot of flak for it. I'm not playing hindsight GM here. I did blame DL for the Penner deal, and still do.

SMyth trade was a totally different story. Either way though, regardless of the circumstances, we got royally taken on both deals in terms of value and to argue otherwise, as Minor Boarding is, is ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Minor Boarding View Post
yeah because this team/organization lacks Teubert like prospects & long term projected 2nd pairing defensman (Hickey, Forbort, Deslauriers, Muzzin, Campbell...). Lol. What would have Teubert, Klefbom and that 3rd rounder provided that this team so lacks now anyways? Nothing.
Firstly, you are wrong. A guy like Teubert would certainly be of a great asset to this organization. We are constantly debating on this board about who could step in to fill in for guys like Scuderi, Mitchell and Greene if they don't resign or were traded. Outside of Muzzin, there's almost no one who plays a similar style as those three, especially Greene. Having teubert there would certainly provide some extra depth and the ability to bring up someone who can add some muscle if needed on the backend.

Klefbom is not part of this, the 1st round pick is. We didn't draft Klefbom, and in all liklihood DL would have drafted someone else. We gave up whoever that player is.

And the 3rd is a 3rd, but considering we also don't have our 2nd this year either, it makes us especially thin at the draft this year and hinders DL's ability top make a trade at the deadline.

Even if we still only have Teubert, Klefbom/whoever we drafted and a our 3rd, it'd be a lot more assets to use in a trade and likely would fetch a better player this time around than what Penner is/has done.

Back to the main point though, to come in here and start talking smack about a trade (trades counting the Smyth deal) in which we clearly got taken is just ignorant.

Originally Posted by Eytinge View Post
You have it backwards. He is pretty solid defensively for a young player, and always picks up his guy while backchecking. But he has little offensive confidence and like HA101 said, is scared of being hit.
I wanted MPS/MSP/whatever for a while. I view him as a guy who could turn into a Jere Lehtinen type of player. Two-way effort and could be a very reliable defensive forward with 25 goal upside. He might not turn into that good of player (Selke nominee/30+ goal guy) but he could be a very useful player that can be a 3rd liner that would still look comfortable on the 2nd line and draw key matchups and plenty of PK time. Very valueable type of player and if the oilers were dealing him, I'd be very interested.

Originally Posted by barkeep View Post
I give Lombardi credit today for what he did, thumbs up. Hemsky and MPS would be a bad fit for the Kings because they are in the need of a player that can play a physical game and neither can. They should of never included Simmonds in that trade, IMO he was the Kings spark plug and they lack his type of player this year.
I hated losing Simmonds as well, but sign me up for Richards any day of the week.

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