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01-13-2012, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
... and you gotta love the guy with PK's registered name, defending the coward till the end. Should we really be shocked, a guy with the moniker 'Pernell Karl', refuses to admit PK is a coward at times? I suppose not.

He's a fine young talent, but c'mon.. he's a coward. He'll whack people with a stick, yap till the final whistle, but he won't answer for it.
you must have a very long long list of "cowards" when it comes to NHLers.

on a nightly basis I see lot's of guys play as hard, if not harder, than Subban, who rarely drop the gloves and most certainly wouldn't do so with a less skilled tougher guy.

Subban may be cocky as hell, he may be mouthy, he may be too much of a showboat... but just b/c he wont fight a guy like Lucic, or covers up when getting jumped by a guy like Ference after delivering a hit, doesn't make him a coward in my mind.

in fact, watching Subban be willing to go toe-to-toe, between the whistles, with any player in the league (including guys like Lucic or Chara) makes him the exact opposite.

saddly, people want to believe that being a "tough" hockey player is somehow tied to what one is willing to do with their fists AFTER the whistles go... it's ridiculous really.

Dryden described it the best in a recent article... "tough" is playing the game the way Subban does, not backing down an inch while playing the game (unlike guys like Kaberle or Cammy, who shy away from the physical play during the game and avoid the tough areas on the ice).

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