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11-07-2003, 06:26 AM
True Blue
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That certainly looked familiar

Where are all my Sather apologists today? Please talk to me again about how the PK has been a huge improvement. It has allowed a goal in 6 of 7 games. Not too good. Please talk to me about how the PP is improved. Once again, no one in front of the net and overpassing galore. Nedved and Kovalev apparently forgot about backchecking. Rosie, yeah he scored a goal, went right back into bad habits. The M&M twins? A HORRID showing. Where was the physical play?
I said yesterday that 3 out of 4 points against the 'Lanche and Stars are right out the window if this team has a clunker against the 'Canes. Sorry, folks, good teams win games like that.
This team was absolutely not prepared to play. A sign of poor coaching. They were outhustled all over the ice, could not win one loose puck battle, and whom does Jackass blame for it? Apparently it was the fault of Lundmark and Moore since they were not playing. Funny though, when the going gets tough, Sather goes with all vets, but wasn't it the vets that got him in trouble in the first place?
Without a doubt, the worst play of the night was the Adams clear path to the net goal. Apparently the M&M twins did not think it important enough to pick him up early.
And the fact that ONCE AGAIN, this team went short-handed for no reason whatsoever is simply embarassing. Last year, all got on Trotts when the RAngers played with 4 players becuase they were not paying attention. Well, it has now happened under Sather's watch 3 OR 4 EFFIN' TIMES. It is simply inexcusable. Apparetnly it was Hlavac that did not get out on the ice on time. And he was the one that then jumped out when another player already did. But he continues to recieve ice time while Lundmark and Moore are benched for no reason at all? I could care less that he scored a goal on a penalty shot. That call was complete BS. Besides for that gift, Hlavac has been as invisible as Jeff Toms and Kamensky used to be. Want accountability? Don't dress his a$$ on Saturday.
To me, it was not all the fault of Jussi. He got ZERO support. No one was knocking people down in front of the net. During the 1st 2 Carolina goals, can anyone tell me why the defensemen could not knock down Stall as he just stood in front of the net?
Everyone was pretty bad, but there are several people who need to be singled out. In no particular order, Rosie, Hlavac, Malacough, Krispy, and Kasper. And when I see quotes like this from today's Star Ledger:

""There are a couple of guys who don't listen too well," Sather said. "I don't know whether they don't hear, don't listen, aren't aware, or are confused." "

This makes me once again think to the promise of ACCOUNTABILITY. If Sather is making quotes like that, then how can he not punish people? To me, it is pretty simple. Lindros and Poti are supposedly going to be back for the Flyer game. IF Jackass wants to show that his supposed adherence to ACCOUNTABILITY is more than just bluster, let me see some changes. When Poti comes back in on Saturday, one of Kasper, Bobo, or Maladog has to take a seat, preferably one of the M&M twins. Probably Maladog. When Lindros returns, Hlavac should not be dressed either.
The game was an utter disgrace in every facet. From coaching to the players. If Jackass is really serious about it being different, then hold people accountable.

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