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01-13-2012, 10:17 AM
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thanks smokey. you said it perfect. oklahoma state's schedule was overrated.. just see arkansas spanking kansas state .. before their game with stanford, oklahoma's state defense was ranked 107th .. if you really think they would have beat lsu or bama your crazy.. they barely beat stanford when stanford should have actually beat ok st.. stanford missed easy field goal and outplayed them the whole game..

alabama dominated lsu. and everyone agrees how great lsu was and their schedule.. no denying it. when bama comes out and dominates lsu like that in a title game where it matters, I'm not sure how you can say disputed national champs.. lsu didn't cross the 50 yard line but 1 time in the 4th quarter.. but then again people that make claims of a split title and bama not deserving it are the people that hate the SEC or hate alabama.. heres an idea.. DONT LOSE TO IOWA STATE !! thats the equivalent of alabama losing to vanderbilt but worse ..keep hating though guys, bama and their fans will just sit back and smile knowing we keep winning titles in tuscaloosa.

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