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01-13-2012, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Isn't that the point of tanking? If Bourque is as terrible as portrayed, the habs will continue sliding and get a high pick that will help in the long term? This is the logic I've been preached these last few months. All of a sudden it's a problem.

They also got a second round pick, which people have complained that the team has traded too many of them because 2nd round picks get good players for the long term.

This should be a win for everyone based on what people were whining about these last few months: Size, Cap space, need for lottery pick, you asked and Gauthier delivered.
I never suggested tanking. i know you like to throw that word around to discredit people who don't like our current direction, but no the point of a rebuild isn't to pick up worse players on longer contracts. It's to trade vet contract for younger potential, in hopes that they grow together and turn into something special.

You think acquiring worse players on a longer contract is what people who want to rebuild meant?

Gauthier hasn't delivered anything but a mess, this sin't what anyone wanted and you dman well know it, but you support every move, every time, no matter how stupid. You probably think trading someone during the 2nd intermission is also a sign of sound managerial preparation.

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