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01-13-2012, 12:46 PM
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BOB's last 10 games played INDOORS (with normal ice conditions, normal backdrop, etc.):

33/35 saves, WIN
35/36 saves, WIN
24/26 saves, WIN
30/31 saves, WIN
16/17 saves (in relief of Bryz), no decision
28/31 saves, WIN
3/3 saves (in relief of Bryz), no decision
30/32 saves, LOSS
23/24 saves, WIN
23/23 saves (in relief of Bryz), WIN

Overall during last 10 games: 7-1, 2 no-decisions, 245 saves on 258 shots, .9496 SAVE PERCENTAGE

This isn't some 2 game thing... he has been dominant for the better part of the season save for one outdoor game where everything (sight lines, the ice, the sun, etc.) is different.

He deserves to be the starter at this point. PERIOD.

And anyone who says Bryz needs more time, needs to be given another chance because we paid him 51 million, etc. YOU NEED A LESSON IN "SUNK COSTS".

Bryzgalov is a sunk cost. We paid him already. There's nothing we can do about it. But you cannot let past expenditures affect future decisions... ask any reasonably successful person in business about this. All you can do is make effective decisions for your team/organization going forward. Thus if Bob is the better goalie then you 100% start Bob, no questions asked. Money cannot and should not play a factor. If it does, then I'd question Homer / Laviolette's capacity to be in charge of a team.

Sunk costs is a concept you learn pretty much day 1 in any reasonably good business school. A GM and a coach of a major sports franchise should know this concept well.

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