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01-13-2012, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
We might see him in the playoffs. He'll be recalled because he won't have to clear waivers and his cap hit won't count. If the Flyers end up playing like crap and Lavi goes into panic mode again, I fear we'll see him in orange and black.
I might be wrong here, but I believe that waivers are still in effect for the playoffs. We looked into recalling Gauthier when we were hit by injuries on d the year he was down in the AHL, but decided against it for that reason iirc. Last year we had both Walker and Leighton go through recall though, but that might have been just before the playoffs began, can't quite remember the timing of that.

Originally Posted by The OttoMan View Post
Couldnt find a better place to post this... what would you guys be looking for in return for Leighton? Would McKenna (1-way AHL contract, to replace Leighton) straight up do it? Obviously the benefit here for PHI is saving money. If thats not enough, add a pick? Would you want a goalie at all? Sens need a backup upgrade.
You'd still have to try to get Leighton through recall waivers after the trade. Is it really worth the risk for you? I'd see if the Islanders are willing to deal Nabokov instead. Maybe Roloson from Tampa. Sure, he's got ****** stats this year, but he'd bring some nice playoff experience for you guys. Maybe Ellis from Anaheim? There are a few more logical options than Leighton, I mean. If you'd like to send us something for him, I'm sure we could work out a deal though...

Originally Posted by Yosemite Sam View Post
What happened in the playoffs last year was a knee-jerk reaction to years of goalie troubles. Bob played well all year and what happened with goaltending in the playoffs was a coaching abomination.

First game: Flyers lose 1-0. Certainly not Bob's fault.
Second game: Bob gets three quick goals scored on him in the first period and gets pulled. Makes sense.

At this point, panic sets in and the ridiculous Boucher/Leighton tandem pushes Bob, the man who was their solid #1 all year, aside for two whole weeks, shattering his confidence.

By the time he sees the net again, it's only to relieve Boucher three times in a row in losing efforts.

Finally, the Flyers realize their decisions on goaltending were a trainwreck and opt to make Bob the starter, but it's too late. He lets in three goals and the series against the Bruins is over.

Anyone objectively looking at this situation should realize they screwed up big time not going back to Bob. And I'm not making these observations in hindsight I couldn't believe they did this last year.

To top it off, they fail to give Bob the chance yet again this year and sign a goalie to a Dipietroesque deal that is seriously handcuffing the team.

Brutal coaching, brutal management. Brutal situation.
Yeah, what happened in the playoffs last year was really bizarre. I wonder what really happened there, it was so strange the way Bobrovsky fell from clear number one goalie to not even being on the bench from one game to another.

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