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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
Few of the losses this year can be put on Bryzgalov as the reason. However, it may as well have been written on his mega-contract that the Philadelphia Flyers organization hereby expects him to be solid as a rock, bail out an often porous defense, make the occasional other-worldly save, and generally be very, very good. To date, Bryzgalov has not done so, and the game-tying goal by Karlsson is, unfortunately, all too common a goal allowed by our alleged long-term G solution.

The difference between Bryz and Lundqvist is that soft goals are much more the exception for the latter than the former. Incidentally, please note that Lundqvist stopped the initial shot on goal #3.
I like this thread. Bryz has been a GREAT (better than good) goalie everywhere else he has played.

Bob is playing better but Bob is having to steal games from teams like the Islanders. Bryz's below-average play and Bob having to stand on his head show a common denominator - a problem with the D or the system or both.

We cannot let our goalies be subject to shooting galleries and odd man rushes and expect that they can continuously save our butts.

AND - we need to not ruin Bryz. Clearly he was a huge asset when we got him here, and it looks like we are going to turn him into a goalie with no confidence and a constant target.

Nabby and Vokoun had their issues in the beginning of the season but are both coming to form. We made it clear to Bob that he wasnt ready (so NOT ready that we got a goalie for 9 years!) and we made it clear to Bryz that he was our starter.

We have managed to go back on both of those things - dont know that the choices we are making between the pipes (and have been since 2007) are going to produce cup-capable goalies.

Change the system - it's like without Pronger we don't dictate the pace of the game anymore, instead we chase it and then lose steam.

Slow it down instead of "jamming" all the time - the NYR and bruins are playing so well because of a defensively dominant game/system. We will barely hang with the southeast teams in the playoffs with the system we are using now.

Also - regardless of what you all say - GET RID OF CARLE!

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