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Originally Posted by Kenny Powders View Post
Well you do give yourself a black eye for thinking this is all Gauthier fault.

Gauthier is patching what Gainey did in 2009.

But I guess your just too dumb to understand that, or just have no life to come troll the board for more than 1 hour.

Even if Gauthier was our Pro-Scout, he wasnt the voice of the organisation at that time, now it's his and he's doing a good job shipping the dead wood.

Gomez is next.
WHAT DO YOU mean what Gainey did?

You don't think GAUTHER didnt have HIS HAND in what Gainey did?
Gauthier just sat in the corner ?

Come on now ....

Janne Niminiaaaa says hi to ya .....

What has Gauthier done since Gainey steps out?

Nothing but gave our org a bad name leauge wide.....

Got us to near bottom of standings

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