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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Personally speaking, Neil Smith, in my opinion, did not get near the leeway he should have gotten.

The signings in 1999 were done to bridge a gap from when the kids would have been ready to take over. He got one year and was canned.

I believe that Neil Smith would have done a good job of turning the Rangers around.
Keep in mind that Neil Smith had a very very good reputation with identifying young talent AND working with them as evidenced by winning a minor league championships for the Islanders in 81-82 and with the Wing Org in 85-86 and again in 88-89 before coming to the Rangers.

Additionally he was at the helm for drafting Sergei Nemchinov, Alexei Kovalev, Doug Weight, and Sergei Zubov, Mike York, Nik Sundstrom, Todd Marchant

Also, much like Sather with Cherry, NS had his own top notch draft pick not work out due to injury, Stefan Cherneski back in 1997. A shattered knee cap did him in.

I think if NS was allowed to rebuild the Rangers (as that was the direction he was headed) we would not have endured the last 11 years of Sathers failures.

NS gutted the franchise to win. He did so with the best of intentions. And I'm sure he did so with the full and complete blessings of Dolan. He should have been given the same leeway in 2000 that Sather got post lockout.

I believe we would be in the same position today, but we would have gotten there back in 2005
Disagree with pretty much everything you said.

Neil Smith got plenty of leeway. He made awful trades, proved to be an awful drafter and his free agent signings were horrendous.

The fact that he was behind a decades worth of drafts and Mike York, Nik Sundstrom, and Todd Marchant are "noteworthy" should tell you something.

His last two years were the worst. What part of him drafting Malhotra, Brendl, Lundmark and signing Maclean, Fedyk, Fleury, Kamensky, Quintal, Hatcher, Lefebvre makes you think another decade of him would have been anything but an absolute disaster?

There is probably a reason he has never gotten another GM job outside of a month with the Islanders.

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