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01-13-2012, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
my beef with bryz isn't that he's really played THAT terrible this season, aside from a few games. his defense has left him out to dry on many, many occasions, and it's no secret that they for some reason play tighter in fron of bob that they do in front of bryz.

bryz has had some games where he's looked great, but too often he has games where he fails to come up with a big save. or he has games where he looks great, and then lets in a really bad goal that completely negates the work he did to precede it. now, that's not to say that those saves he failed to come up with weren't on goals that he could have been said to have no chance on. but that's what this organization payed bryz for. to be the type of goaltender who can steal games for you and come up with those saves. those big momentum swinging saves that completely rob the other team of a goal. more than frequently has bob come up with those type of saves instead of bryz, and we're left using the "well bryz's defense screwed him over there, not really his fault" excuses.

now i don't know if it's a matter of getting used to the system played here, i don't know if bryz's numbers were merely a product of phoenix's system, but it's alarming. more often than not, does it seem like bryz gives up in the crease. he spots a cross ice pass or a player not marked and kind of packs it in. that's an issue for a goaltender who plays a largely position based style. he's not a fast athletic goalie like bob, he's a big framed goalie who has to cut off angles and get himself in position to make stops.

but what irks me the most about bryz is he seems unable to take anything seriously. he seems to turn everything in an act or a sarcastic comedy routine. he says hes upset and lost in the woods and put's on this show like he's really concerned, but then seldom does anything to correct it. i kind of saw something like this happening when before the season started, when he was telling the media how he doesn't feel pressure from playing hockey and that he doesn't let hockey affect his mental state or something. that's not really what i want to hear. that indicates that he just doesn't care enough about what he's doing.
Precisely. And now he's being PAID, so what incentive does he have to care? If hockey wasn't a real passion for Bryz before getting this mega contract, it certainly won't be now.

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