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01-13-2012, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by McRanger View Post
Disagree with pretty much everything you said.

Neil Smith got plenty of leeway. He made awful trades, proved to be an awful drafter and his free agent signings were horrendous.

The fact that he was behind a decades worth of drafts and Mike York, Nik Sundstrom, and Todd Marchant are "noteworthy" should tell you something.

His last two years were the worst. What part of him drafting Malhotra, Brendl, Lundmark and signing Maclean, Fedyk, Fleury, Kamensky, Quintal, Hatcher, Lefebvre makes you think another decade of him would have been anything but an absolute disaster?

There is probably a reason he has never gotten another GM job outside of a month with the Islanders.
The Minor League championships that he won with the Islanders and Red Wings lead me to believe that he had an eye for young talent and an ability to work with them.

Now, you mention Malhotra, didnt work out, but you tactfully forget that Colorado offered 3 of their 4 first rounders in that same draft year to take Manny Malhotra. Neil Smith was not the only GM high on the kid. The problem was more that he was rushed to the NHL and forced down Mucklers throat who didn't like that so he did nothing to nurture the kid's talent.

Lets go back to Lundmark and Brendl. Lundmark was being touted as the next Jeremy Roenick during his draft year. And Pavel had a questionable work ethic, but his talent was undeniable and had the Rangers not taken him at 4, he would have never lasted past 5.

The signings made sense as Dolan was the guy that was in the locker at the end of the 98-99 season talking about bringing in guys during free agency. Fleury was the best available player on the market and ONLY got a 3 year deal. The only real questionable deals out of the 6 that summer was Stephane Quintal and Val Kamensky. The others filled needs and served a purpose.

The fact that Dolan ENDORSED THE SIGNINGS under the understanding of what it was for (building a gap) and then fired Smith when they didn't make the PO's.

Additionally, you can thank NS and HIS Staff for Lundqvist.

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