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11-07-2003, 06:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Stock Rocks
We usually agree, but not this time.

A deflection, no matter how slow it may appear to be moving, is still a deflection. If the goalie manages to get a piece of it, then great. But expecting him to adjust and react to it when his body is moving one way, is a bit much to ask. I don't understand where all this BS is coming from on Potvin. Sheesh, guys- it was one off-night. Thankfully, the team was there to bail him out. Where were they last week when he made 38 saves against the Habs.

Potvin didn't play a very good game, but he doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. And I'd also be willing to bet that the people who are jumping on him the most have never even played the position, and don't have the first clue as to how difficult a deflected shot truly is to stop. It sure looks easy from the couch, but I'd love to see you try and make the "routine save" as you are alluding to. 100% of the time, I bet that shot goes right through your legs, just the way it did for Potvin.
What treatment? I basically said the same thing you night and he has stolen some games for us...overall he has been terrific. As far as me stopping a puck or whoever else on this board trying to stop a deflection ....well of course we cant, we arent professional NHL goalies! Do we have to be able to do something now if we are going to criticize a player for not doing this same thing? Boy, that wont make things very fun if we have to have the same capabilities as professional players. I would guarentee you the shot would go through my legs just like it went through Potvins...but the difference is I manage sales people and he has been playing goalie since he was 5!

IMO Potvin had a bad game. That first goal was a floater, it was a bad shot that changed direction 30 feet in front of him, if we cant call that a goal he would like to have back then we have pathetically low standards and expectations for our keepers. This is not to say I think he is a bad goalie at all. He has been tremendous for us so far. I mentioned that I thought Samsonov had one of his worst games as a Bruin last night but that doesnt mean I dont like him. It is just criticism, and it is what this board is all about.

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