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01-13-2012, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by mattyd99 View Post
I can't speak for everyone else but I know I don't expect Boyle to be a difference maker. I expect him to be what you called him, a grinder. He's not a goal scorer like you said. So why did he lead all forwards in ice time in a one goal game? That's what everyone is upset about. Guys get benched for periods or games and Boyle always seems to get a pass from the coach. He hasn't been what he could be in a while now, yet his playing time never diminishes. He's a grinder who constantly gets more ice time then he can handle.

Since you judged the hockey sense of a lot of us in this thread let me ask you a question. Does it make sense for a guy with 2 goals through half the year to lead the forwards in ice time in a close game against a team who very well could be a playoff matchup? Or as you said, a non-goal scoring grinder to lead the forwards in ice time.

I think the OP brought up a good point of something that has been going on for a year now. This isn't your typical "we lost, the sky is falling" thread. I don't want Boyle traded or wish ill upon him. I just want him to go back to what he is, a 4th liner who can fill in on the 3rd line. It's frustrating to see quality and important ice time go to him when he's not a difference maker.
Yes. Because if you watched the game, he had countless chances whereas the likes of Richards and Gaborik looked like complete crap all game. It happens. This isn't something that is a nightly occurrence but you have to hold players accountable. If they are playing like ****, then take away their ice time.

The difference is, Boyle was playing well but could not score. Gaborik and Richards were playing like crap, and couldn't score.

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