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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
As Bill Murray said in Caddy Shack "I have to laugh"

I think the bigger predicament is that many in this fan base simply do not know how to watch a hockey game.

With a bit of luck Boyle is the difference in the last two games. That did not happen. If this fan base is waiting for Boyle to be a difference maker like Gaborik, Richards, et. al., then your smoking crack.

Boyle is playing great. He's not a goal scorer. Period. He's a grinder. A big body that gets in front of the net. Takes the puck down low and keeps it there as long as possible. Takes his turn on the PK. Gets a forecheck going.

Any team in this league wants a guy like Boyle playing the role he does for this team. Torts as much confirmed that, but what the hell does he know?
Agree on all accounts and Torts has improved his in-game decision making a lot this season, as far as I'm concerned. But last night he screwed up. The team played a great first period and he started juggling prematurely. I understand Richards wasn't going and Gaborik was quiet, but giving Boyle their ice time does nothing more than send a message. It doesn't help us score a goal or win the game. If we kept the lines the same, or at least moved guys around to get our actual offensive players better opportunities, we could've won that game. Torts killed any momentum we could've built. Still, a great deal of the blame has to fall on Richards, Cally, Gaborik for failing to step up last night. I can excuse a game like this every once in a while, as long as they get back to business tomorrow. Short-memories fellas. Never get too high or too low. The players know this. Well be fine.

PS: Wolski sucks.

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