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Originally Posted by chsb View Post
Nor is Halifax a top-6 team this year!

That was my point.

Other veteran laden teams will step up in the last stretch.

Bathurst and Halifax are top heavy on young players.

However Bathurst have better veteran players than Halifax.

Ah no it's chsb

Your just too much

Your an incredible homer and it seems obvious sometimes that you post ridiculous things like this to get a rise out of people... But you sucked me in to your troll trap

Saying that my comfort zone is way to high is a riot considering you think the WORLD of the unbeatable Titan. The Moose are not a Top 6 team in the league... I don't even know where to begin! Not only are the Moose currently Top 6 now, but have been all year... Technically they've been 4-5th because of BLB currently winning the West. So there going to drop becauseee.............. ??? Their players will only gain more experience? They just "added" two high profile players in Frk and a very promising rookie in Drouin? Even if Chicoutimi overtake them (Probably will happen) they're still Top 6.

You are true about one thing... BAT have better Vets than Hali, and hows that going for you? BAT aren't going past 9, it's great if you think they do tho. And is Bathurst laden with young talent aga-... No i'm done for now!

Take off the rose coloured glasses... Whoops clumsy me, that can't happen

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