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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I was expecting you to chime in here eventually. I'd have to say this is probably the best criticism of my opinion thus far. You make a good point about Bryz being paid to be the starter but not actually being the starter, but I still don't think that's enough to say he wasn't worth it if the team wins the Cup. In my opinion, you win the Cup, everyone has done their job and was worth every penny.
Do you seriously not grasp how dumb that argument is? If Bob is the starter, we could have spent that money on a player that may have improved the team even more. Unlike a skater, if you're a goalie riding the pine during the playoffs, you're irrelevant to the final result.

You were talking about Huet earlier... the Hawks ended up paying for him to play for another team! How can you seriously argue that he was worth his contract to the Hawks? They had to dismantle key components of their team BECAUSE OF HIS CONTRACT and he wasn't even a key component of their team at that point.

It would be one thing like with the Bruins a couple of years ago when Rask simply outplayed Thomas (who was injured, but still a very solid goalie). It's an entirely other matter when you are literally producing at a rate well below the standard of an average starting goalie -- let alone an elite one, which Bryz is paid to be.

What's truly fascinating is your black-and-white view of the world that results justify all means, and, more importantly, absolve all sins. In this very post you went on to talk about how teams need to get "lucky." Luck works both ways... luck can mask the fact that people aren't doing their jobs.

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