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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
The language issue IS relevant. Not to why we suck, but to the way we are perceived by the rest of the NHL.

Look at Bourque's comments after he was traded here. First thing he said was "I don't speak french, so I hope the fans still like me". MULTIPLE Calgary based reporters asked him questions about speaking french.

Patrick Holland specifically mentioned on twitter that he took french in school and hopes the fans don't mind that he doesn't speak it very well.

This is how the rest of the NHL looks at this city and this fanbase. They actually think that language is all we care about. It kills me because if this is what they are saying publicly, imagine what they are saying behind our backs?
This province and subsequently the team have been a running joke to the rest of Canada and US for years now dude. It isn't going to change. You see how easily the sheep around here just go with whatever opinion is popular in the media and at the local pub, what makes you think the rest of the world is any different when it comes to looking at the Quebec language problem? I say problem not because it is one to me, but to them it really is. There's a serious stigma regarding this province and this team in the NHL and quite frankly as long as people keep making language an issue there always will be that stigma.

You can't have your cake and eat it too basically. So long as people try to there will always be a language issue and players won't want to play here. Maybe if we're very lucky and the Nordiques come back the media issue could die down a bit which might help. To the rest of Canada/US it isn't that Quebec wants to be French, it's that they have a problem with English. At least that's the way a lot of people do interpret it. When you tie all that stuff together why would UFA want to sign here? You have a superstar francophone player like Giroux, etc and they do not want to play here.

Don't you find it a little bit odd that a guy like Subban raised in a Toronto suburb wants to play here but plenty of francophone players who grew up Habs fans don't? Is it common for people to not want to play for their home city/province/state/etc? As a Montrealer and big habs fan, I must say it seems common from where I'm looking.

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