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Originally Posted by brah View Post
when they allow eleventy billion teams a shot I don't think that that's a fair comparison. besides, basketball is one of the worst sports in the world.

bammers will get the crystal ball but it will not be undisputed.
so if we beat the flyers this year in the stanley cup finals 4-1 but we go 0-2 in the regular season against them, we're the "disputed" stanley cup champs???

please... you're logic doesn't make sense to me. it happens in all other sports. the bcs has just been under heavy scrutiny so everyone blows up every single match-up..

oklahoma state got outplayed by stanford.... stanford got absolutely creamed by oregon. oregon got spanked by lsu.. lsu got manhandled and dominated by the crimson tide.. you do the math. on top of that, they lost to iowa state. everyone that could have got in the title besides bama blew their shot.. yes there could have been a case for someone other than alabama to play lsu.. but the majority of people said alabama vs lsu as the title game.. just look at the coaches poll if you dont believe me. and that is about as un-biased as it gets.. a handful of coaches had oklahoma state ranked 3rd, 4th, and 5th.. the proof is in the stats. not just some bogus strength of schedule with an equal number of losses.. alabama answers all questions in the title game. for anyone to say alabama is anything but the undisputed national champ is A) crazy B) SEC/Alabama hater of some kind

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