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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
And yet he still won half their games and they still won the Cup. If that is hurting the team I wonder what helping looks like.

A player earning his contract in season X is not relevant to what happens after. Blair Betts earned his contract and was waived this year. Are you going to tell me that because he was waived he was not worth his contract?
Where did I indicate that Huet didn't have a good start to the 2009-10 season? How he finished the season, and what happened afterwards, is the real issue. You don't prove your worth by performing a relatively small proportion of your contract.

If you are hired for 4 years and, after an impressive 6 months, your value starts to decline and you are eventually fired, did you earn your 4-year contract?

The Blackhawks recognized that Huet was not going to be the guy and relegated him to the bench, eventually (essentially) firing him.

What happens during the length of the contract amounts to the individual proving the worth of the contract.

I'm not saying Huet (or similarly situated players) should be celebrated and should win the MVP or anything like that. You can earn your contract without being lauded and congratulated and recognized for it. If the Flyers win the Cup I'm not going to complain that they paid Nodl for a few weeks and he took up cap space that could have been spent elsewhere. During his time here I'd say he was worth it. There just wasn't a spot on the team for him any more. That doesn't mean he wasn't worth it or didn't earn it.
Nodl was just an example of a player who contributed to the Flyers this season that will have no bearing down the road in the Flyers winning the Cup (unless he somehow makes it back on the roster). Huet's play declined so substantially that he was relegated to the bench for the playoffs. How you can possibly believe that his regular season win total equates to him being worth his contract is simply astounding.

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