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01-13-2012, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
And anyone who says Bryz needs more time, needs to be given another chance because we paid him 51 million, etc. YOU NEED A LESSON IN "SUNK COSTS".

Bryzgalov is a sunk cost. We paid him already. There's nothing we can do about it. But you cannot let past expenditures affect future decisions... ask any reasonably successful person in business about this. All you can do is make effective decisions for your team/organization going forward. Thus if Bob is the better goalie then you 100% start Bob, no questions asked. Money cannot and should not play a factor. If it does, then I'd question Homer / Laviolette's capacity to be in charge of a team.

Sunk costs is a concept you learn pretty much day 1 in any reasonably good business school. A GM and a coach of a major sports franchise should know this concept well.
By saying he is a "sunk cost" you are saying he is done. You really think Bryzgalov will continue to suck for 9 years? You are freaking crazy to be honest. I love how everyone watches 25 starts from a goalie and he is now the worst goalie ever and can never turn it around. ****ing Martin Brodeur has looked like the worst goalie at times in his career... oh right hes the best goalie to ever play the game.

After saying that... someone might say, oh well Brodeur was good but he was more a product of the teams defensive style... Okay you can say that but you can't say Bryzgalov's bad play is the product of a teams poor defensive style?

Bryzgalov will steal games for this team but obviously he isn't there yet. You got him to solve the goalie problems and just because he has some issues in the first few months, you completely give up on him?! SUNK COST is the dumbest argument there is for this situation. You do this with a goalie like Bob, who has played good in his short career, but it is just that... short. If he sucks for a length of time, you give up on him. Bryz was brought here for a reason, and he will deliver on it, mark my words. Look around the league and see all the stories of goalies being great, sucking and then coming back to greatness. All of these in the midst of a backup trying to take over.

Start Bryzgalov now and get his confidence up, because I'm sorry, it is not about winning games now (unless you think we are Stanley cup bound this year). It is about the next 8 seasons and having a goalie ready for them. You really want to spot start him this year and have him come into next season with the same situation. That is ****ing waste of money and it's unacceptable.

That said, I understand you sit him to prove a point, but I'm pretty sure he gets the point. The guy is hard on himself and if you don't know that by now you're crazy. People argue that he "doesn't try hard enough." I'm sorry but he isn't Bob... He is a position goalie... someone who needs to be square to the shooter and control rebounds. All of these things come with confidence. People look at that and think hes lazy, but hes not going to be doing splits and crazy stick saves diving across the crease.

Start Bryz.

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