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01-13-2012, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyGuy1975 View Post
What you are advocating (besides where to buy Bracko's DVD) is the complete opposite of what speed skaters do. And speed skating is now a scientific sport for the most part.

While not exactly the same thing, watch a 100 meter dash and you'll see runners move their arms straight forward. It is physics. Science.
a 100 meter dash is the complete opposite of a skating technique. your legs and arms should coordinate when moving, a running motion there is no push to the side at all, it is striaght forward the power is generated by the push of your body forward. Skating the power is generated by pushing directly to the side, the only time you would see someone push directly back would be on figure skates, maybe.

I cant open youtube right now but speed skaters are slightly different as their skates are different but the concept is the same. from memory i dont picture a speed skater "pulling a rope" with their arms, i may be wrong so i will find video evidence either way later tonight.

*also i only posted Brackos video website as i cannot access youtube, i do know he did have videos up there before and if i could access it from work i would have posted those instead.

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