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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
But that is not what I am saying. In fact I have said in this thread and the previous thread that there is more than one way to earn your contract. One way is winning a Cup. Another way is putting up good stats. Another way is providing the team with intangibles. Let me just quote my response from the last page:

"A player can earn his contract in a number of ways. Winning a Cup isn't the only way, but it is certainly one way. He can earn it with stats and leadership and all those other good things as well. In short a player is worth his contract if he does his job (winning a Cup, putting up good stats, etc). He doesn't have to do all of them. I really didn't think this was a difficult concept. Apparently many of you are not familiar with the saying that there is "more than one way to skin a cat.""
Winning a Cup is not an individual achievement, though. Stats are. Leadership is. 'Intangibles' are.

Cup = team achievement. How does simply being on the roster of a Cup winning team have any bearing of your contribution to that victory, or, in any way, indicate how you lived up to your contract?

A non-hockey example: If your company meets its sales targets for the year, yet you constantly showed up late, left early and did a poor job with your individual sales targets, did you earn your salary just because your co-workers filled in your gaps?

I deride your truth handling abilities

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