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01-13-2012, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Phil Parent View Post
It's scintilating enough for me.

Nobody *****ed when he made his **** so pompous.

I'm so tired of people puking on the team. This ******* makes us look like a meaningless franchise. Here's the truth: We are tops of the league in revenues, tops in tv ratings, tops in ad revenue, tops in ticket sold, salaries paid (Meaning mainly that we're not on the NHL's welfare program, but rather are paying thru the nose for ***** like Phoenix to live on), we have won more cups than everyone else, have more people in the hall of fame than anyone, we are one of the top franchises in the NHL, and the most storied franchise in sports.

Now, we are not so hot today. But, that doesn't change the above facts. The day this verbose ******* makes a similar article about how Ballard letting his employees touch children in Maple Leaf Gardens led to a 45 years Stanley Cup drought for the Leafs is the day I accept that the closing of the Forum and the language issue has ANYTHING to do with the team's current misfortunes. Which it doesn't.

Amateur hour in the office, sure. But not those ****ing reasons. And it doesn't date back this far. Gainey was able to recover the team from the Houle Administration and make it somewhat respectable. It dates back to when Gauthier, as the head of pro scouting and incumbent GM, advised we should get rid of all the crowd favourites and that we hire 3 smurfs as the core of the franchise. Period. Once your core averages 5'10" in 2010's NHL, you are ****ED!
And now Gauthier say "we realised we were too little" when he got Bourque and people forgive him for it, when he was the guy that put us in this mess.

We are the laughing stock of this league. And I hope they do more articles like this because management deserve all the crap they get.

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