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01-13-2012, 08:22 PM
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I think it's time for...


Saying that 1996 was the last time the Habs "mattered" is pure sensational garbage. Want proof that the Habs still matter and in a big way?

They are close to dead last and everyone is talking about them.

No team in all of pro sports save perhaps the Yankees are such a focal point of a sport, a league, and of other fans. Look at the Bruins -- they've dominated us for about five years and they just won a Cup and they STILL can't purge us from their system. Everything we do is cause for alarm with their fans -- every trade, every win, every loss. Why?

Because it's the Montreal Canadiens. We're the biggest thing in the sport, and always will be. That means jealousy when we do well, schadenfreude when we do poorly, but it always means that people care -- care deeply in fact -- about what the Canadiens are doing.

Is the club bad right now? Hell yeah. We're one of the worst. Our team is in disarray, we have bad contracts, and the ship needs to be righted in a big way. But even now in the bottom of the barrel with our hated rivals atop the leaderboard and with a Stanley Cup ring on their finger, they're still second fiddle to the Habs. And so is the rest of the league.

So call the Habs a crappy team, call the management incompetent, call Gauthier a jerk and Molson clueless. But don't ever try pretending that the Habs are irrelevant. Because that's just patently absurd.

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