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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Yeah good point. You can change anything you want and the results will be better if on paper it looks better. That is exactly how it works. I am a fool to think that if you changed the makeup of a Cup winning team it might change something. How could I have been so silly?

First of all I didn't ignore it, it wasn't there when I responded. Second of all, I've had this discussion before. Sports are unique. Winning a Cup one year and sucking the next is not the same thing as being the leading company one year and the worst the next. The player on the team that contributes the least to a Cup winning team is every bit as worth it as the player who contributes the most. The employee who contributes the least to a good company may not be worth it as much as the best salesmen etc.

The difference is pretty simple. If the company's goal was to sell a set number of widgets each year and nothing more and they sold that many widgets, it wouldn't matter if one guy sold less than everyone else because they still made their goal. But that isn't how companies work. Their goal is to make money. So a salesman who is selling one widget a month compared to the others selling 100 isn't going to cut it because he is not making the company money. The goal of a hockey team is to win the Stanley Cup. Not the President's Trophy. Not a Vezina. Not a Hart. Not the division. The Stanley Cup. If they do that, everyone has done their job.
How in the world can you possibly believe the bold section?

You clearly don't understand the difference between team achievement vs the individual achievement.

Creative editing: If the team's goal was to win games and nothing more and they won that many games, it wouldn't matter if one goalie won less than the other because they still made their goal....

So a goalie who is winning zero games a month compared to the other winning many isn't going to cut it because he is not winning games for the team.

See any contradiction after substituting the same words into both parts of your argument?

Edit: going back to Huet, he helped the team win the division, but played no part in their playoff run. You said the goal's not to win the division, conference or President's Trophy, so how did Huet help them win the Cup if he wasn't on the ice in the playoffs?

I deride your truth handling abilities

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