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01-13-2012, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
No, I was perfectly happy w/ Bob. I said as much on this forum (if you were a member back then, you'd know this).

I also said the Bryz contract was a giant mistake before the season ever began.

I'm entitled to my opinion and entitled to criticize the decision since I disagreed with it from the start.

And I'm certainly entitled to expect the best player (BOB) to start from here until he falters. It's Bob's job now IMO.
You are absolutely entitled to that opinion, and no I don't have opinions memorized with usernames so I wouldn't know that.

Originally Posted by CSKA1974

I am going to bring my post from another thread:

But we also need to discuss that the other 20 players have played several games already like they had never practiced together before.

I understand, that my ststement will draw the slew of stats thrown at me (standings, points earned, goals scored etc.).

However, the way my favorite team has been playing troubles me a lot.

I know, that they ice a lot of inexperience players and Lilja, but the way they have been playing really frustrates me. And I do not want them to become Habs and rely only on the goalie (who has been remarkable the lsat 2 games) to win the games.
I agree completely. I also understand Bryz needs to get better too... but its not on him right now.

Originally Posted by Appleyard
Actually... if you manipulate the stats so far this year, supposing that the roles are reversed, and Bob is number one, gets the same time in net as Bryz so far, and manipulate it so Bob and Bryz, at the end of the year, have equal stats (ie Bryz keeps playing the same but Bob plays worse in the second half, so at the end of the year they have the same games played and SV%, Bobs' GAA would be 0.14-0.16 higher that Bryz... indicating that the defense has actually played better in front of Bryz than Bob!

If you want to look at the workings go to the

I do not hate Bryz... and hope he succeeds, but he is playing very badly at the moment, and it is not the D's fault, as they are seemingly playing the same, if not worse, with Bob in net.
That's great. What I meant is this team is terrible at holding a lead. Our system plays perfectly for scoring goals, but don't you think it should change when we are up by 2 or more goals?

We all praise Giroux for his defensive plays but look at his +/-. He makes remarkable defensive plays after he tries a blind pass through the neutral zone. Sure its awesome when it works, but when it doesn't, you had an odd man rush going the other way. Fans of the Flyers who don't watch other teams play really should (I AM NOT OCCUSING ANYONE, I BARELY WATCH ANY MYSELF), because our team doesn't know how to shut anyone down. That is a team system... not just a goalie who cant save, not just a weak defense, and not just poor backchecking and turnovers from the O. IT'S EVERYONE.

A lot of the so called weak goals on Bryz came from when we were up in the game and the opposing team capitalizes on turnovers. Should he have made the save? Maybe, but hes not expected to get a shutout every game either. Get a 2 goal lead and then stop playing the same system. Dump the puck in a forecheck until the horn whistles... I love Giroux but lately I feel like he is all about the points and not enough about winning games. That being said, his role is that of getting points so I love that about him. Lavvy is a smart coach, but we really need to stop forcing chances when we have a lead. Sure if we are down in the game, then you are pressing for a goal... you try things you shouldn't. There is no excuse for pretty plays when you have a lead. It's not about who can score the most points in the league, its about the team winning the god damned game.

I always end my rants with saying that I agree Bob has been playing better and Bryz needs to get better. We can all agree there, but there is also a major flaw in the way we play games... Pay attention and watch all the dumb passes for no reason. This is why I love Voracek and Couturier. They seem to recignize the situation and adapt their game. People want Voracek traded first if anyone is traded and I think that would be the dumbest idea in the world, but that is a different discussion.


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