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Originally Posted by icing View Post
Karlstad is also the home city for SEL team Färjestad. Färjestad gave up on their junior team for about 10 years ago and decided to move their junior players to the other local team Skåre instead. They wanted their young players to get senior experience in a mens league instead of playing in the J20 Superelit (highest junior division).

Skåre played in div 1 during this time more or less containing young players from Färjestad. After last season Färjestad decided to bring back the junior team again and made a comeback in the J20 Superelit. Skåre had to let go of the div 1 spot, and was moved down to div 3. They realized that they were not able to put a div 1 team together without the players from Färjestad.
I see. I think Eliteprospects lists the team as playing historically in whatever league they are currently in. Thus, since they are in D3 at the moment, the team is listed as being in D3 in all of the previous seasons, but on individual player profiles, it does list that in prior years they played in D1. I was confused that there may have been two teams, but thank you for explaining that they have been moved down to D3.

The above poster explained a bit that D3 can vary in strength depending on location, but is typically quite weak. How is the calibre in D2? Are these leagues considered "pro" or are they amateur leagues? I would assume they are amateur, perhaps similar in structure to Senior A hockey in Canada.

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